10 Signs That You Could Be At The Precipice Of A Major Breakthrough

By Jennifer Thompson


June 2, 2022

No, you’re not crazy, you could be at the precipice of a major breakthrough.

For the past year, I have been experiencing feelings of tremendous discomfort. I would describe myself as an upbeat person. But this past year has been different. Uncomfortable feelings that I would usually shake off are not shaking off as quickly as before.

Suppose you’re going through a period where you are experiencing uncomfortable emotions — like anger, self-doubt, and impatience. It could indicate that you’re on the precipice of a significant breakthrough — a new level of understanding.

Ten signs to indicate you’re going through a significant change:

1. Feeling lost or directionless.

Feeling lost could indicate you’re becoming more present in your life. You’re living less in the narrative and ideas you’ve premeditated and more in the present moment.

2. Left-brain fogginess.

Your left brain is the logical and analytical part of your brain. And your right brain is where your imagination, feelings, and intuition lie.

So if you are experiencing left-brain fogginess, it means that you’re using your intuition more. This is not bad, especially if you usually default toward your analytical mind.

Listening to your right brain may mean you’re listening to your gut more than before. Significant breakthroughs come when we move beyond the limiting beliefs that plague our conscious minds (our rational minds).

3. Your circle of friends is getting smaller.

If you notice your group of friends is getting smaller, it’s a sign you could be recalibrating. You are less willing to listen to other people’s negativity. Or spend time with people who are not aligned with your values.

4. You feel like your dreams for your life are collapsing.

If you’re currently experiencing that all the dreams you had for your life are failing, it could mean that you’re making way for a reality better than what you could have imagined. One more aligned with who you are, not who you thought you’d be.

5. You feel like your thoughts are your worse enemies.

Your thoughts create your experience, and it’s not often that we take control of them. If negative thoughts are plaguing your mind and taking you to your wit’s end, you’re at the precipice of finally taking charge of them.

6. You feel unsure of who you are.

It can be terrifying if you’re experiencing self-doubt, insecurities, and unsure of who you are, But it’s also a sign that your past illusions about who you could be are dissolving.

7. Having an intense desire to speak up for yourself.

You suddenly have this intense desire to speak up for yourself. And are angry with how much you’ve let yourself be walked on or allowed people’s voices to get into your head. Forgive yourself. And now, speak up for yourself. Be your best cheerleader and advocate.

8. You recognize how far you still have to go.

If you’re feeling discouraged and recognize how far you still have to go, it’s because you can also see where you’re headed. You now know where and who you want to be.

9. You have intensely vivid dreams.

If you’re dreaming more than ever before and remember your dreams in detail, this is a sign your mind is trying to tell you something. Write down your goals before getting out of bed. Listen to what’s emerging.

10. Realizing you’re the only person responsible for your happiness.

The most significant breakthrough you can have is realizing that you are the only person responsible for your life and happiness. This emotional autonomy is scary, but it’s the only way to be truly free.

Bringing it all together.

Humans are wired to avoid feeling pain and discomfort. But if you’re going through a period where you’re feeling wave after wave of negative emotions, it could indicate that something powerful is attempting to emerge from within.

Please don’t run from it. Lean in and see what it’s trying to teach you. What beliefs is it trying to disrupt? It’s leading you to a new level of being. Embrace this unraveling.

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