Where are you at?

On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate each area of your life at this point?
What one area would you change right now, that would positively impact other areas of your life?
How long have you wanted to change this area?
What is truly stopping you?
What would life look like in 5, 10, 15 years from now if you never made that change?
Again, what’s truly stopping you?

What would life look like if you did transform this one area?
List all the ways how changing one aspect of your life
would impact other areas of your life!
How would you feel?
Who would you be?

International Speaker, Consultant and Writer, Jennifer Thompson has worked in various areas of banking and finance for over twenty years. She coaches women on how to build a consciousness for abundance and live a life that fulfills them.

With a degree in English and Economics and combining a love for ‘numbers’ and a passion for words, she has written numerous books on finance: “Teaching Kids the Value of a Dollar: Raising Financially Resilient Kids in this World of Uncertainty” and “It’s Never Just About the Money: Financial Wisdom from Women for Women.”

A citizen of the world with an untethered soul and a firm believer that life is meant to be lived fully – smelt, tasted, touched, felt and seen, she is often found in some breathtakingly beautiful part of the world, teaching, coaching, writing, vlogging and filling up with the expansiveness this world has to offer. Jennifer divides her time in the Mediterranean and in San Diego, California.

If you would like to hire Jennifer Thompson, she can be reached at jenniferthompson@compelling365.com

First 30 Mins Complimentary Session

One on One Coaching
$125.00 / hr
5 Sessions (60 Mins each)
Coaching for Six Months

Organizations   –                 call JENNIFER THOMPSON for Pricing

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