Compelling 365
30 Day Challenge

Unveil Your Potential & Create Effortless Transformation in 30 Days

Are your habits making you glum, angry, feeling stuck?

Negative habits and mindset can affect your life in unimaginable ways without you ever even knowing. Most of us have a vision for our ideal selves, but how many of us actually take the steps to get there? To become the person, we always imagined we would blossom into.

Here’s the deal. You cannot have a positive life with a negative mind. Something has to change.


Are you feeling anxious or scared about the future?


Are you confused about how to create lasting positive change?


Do you feel lost in a world where chaos seems to reign supreme?


Do you feel frozen, unable to move forward and achieve your goals?


Are you feeling like your world has been turned on its head recently?

Life comes at you fast and hard. And things can get confusing very quickly. Discovering your ideal self begins with clarity.

Gain Supreme Clarity in The Haze…

…And Uncover Your Best Self Yet

Every journey of positive transformation starts with clarity. In 30 days or less, I’ll help you cut through the noise, rewire your brain, realize your true potential and start actively achieving your dreams and goals.


Radically and positively change your life in 30 days


Blow bad habits out of the water for good


Learn strategies to activate your higher self


Reveal and replace your limiting beliefs


Never get bogged down by life again with a lasting game plan for success

Start Your Transformative Journey Now –

Don’t Rub Another Buddha Belly Until You’ve Read This

Most of us live in denial. We like to think that we’ve been dealt a hand, and that there are certain things that are simply out of our control. Like missing out on your dream job. Barely living above the breadline. Or not achieving your goals.

But the truth of the matter is, every change in your life starts from within.

If you want to get that promotion, buy a yacht, find your life partner or simply elevate your wellbeing on a day-to-day basis, it’s not up to fate.

It’s up to you.

So no more rubbing Buddha bellies for luck, health, and fortune. No more accepting that things will never change. No more leaving it up to fate. And no more excuses.

But Who Am I To Guide You To Joy and Success?

Hi, I’m Jeniffer, International Speaker, Writer, Consultant, and Life Coach. And the guiding light for hundreds of women looking for fulfillment, purpose, happiness, and success through my coaching services.

I created the Compelling 365 30 Day Challenge as a blueprint and complete mindset shifting resource to create a life spilling over with abundance. And to invite your deepest desires into reality.

Through inner work, your outer world can change radically. And all your dreams can be brought to life.

With this being the driving belief behind my work, I use a skillful blend of manifestation, affirmations, daily excercises and psychological strategies that are proven to create positive, lasting life changes.

Your longest commitment is you. Aren’t you worth investing in?

But consider this…

What’s It Costing You by NOT Investing in Yourself?

Trying to figure out the ropes in life by yourself has never been easy. And every day that passes by is time wasted. Time you could be spending creating a legacy, providing for your family, or fulfilling your own desires.

You don’t want to look back on your life with regret, sorrow, blame or grief.

But I started Compelling 365 to empower women with the comfort of knowing they are not alone. And to equip you with the skills needed to make ANYTHING in this world possible. No matter how big, small, outlandish or farfetched.

If you believe it, I will help you receive it.

Just read what Louise had to say a month after discovering the 30-day challenge:

“One of the biggest reasons I never pursued my goals was confusion. The type of lost feeling that can paralyze you and result in no action being taken at all… I always wanted a beautiful life for myself, but Jennifer helped me realize how I could actually create it by destroying any uncertainty I had. And focusing on actionable steps to the larger picture – my life’s true purpose. I’d recommend the 30-day challenge for anyone who wants to do more, be better and raise themselves up to the person they were born to be.”

Compelling 365 30 Day Challenge

The Swiftest Way To Reach The Stars

30 days is all you need to overcome fear, activate your best self and completely overhaul your life.

This is a radical, paradigm-shifting resource that’s not only proven effective by hundreds of women all over the world but backed by leading neurology research too.


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