Re-Scripting Your Money Story

Learn Financial Planning Principles, Rescript Your Money Story and Build Your Net Worth!

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Money is a very personal subject for most people. Building wealth starts with working with someone who has your back.


Twenty-five years empowering individuals with financial planning principles. Teaching them how to make financial decisions they can live with.


One-on-one personalized coaching. Twice a week. Through Zoom or In Person. Prompt, Comprehensive and Consistent. 

What we Do

We help people develop a healthy relationship with money and achieve their financial goals.


Re-Scripting Your Money Story

It all starts with your mindset! Financial Institutions do little to educate clients about creating a wealth consciousness. Let me help you do that so you can attract wealth and learn to keep it.

Principles For Financial Freedom

It is possible to achieve financial freedom and not have to worry about money. There are some fundamental principles to help you get there.

Basics of investing

People don’t get rich by saving. They get rich by investing. But the world of investing can be complex and intimidating. Let me help you understand it so you can make better investment decisions.

Jennifer is knowledgeable and inspiring. She helps you understand the financial services industry. And provides you with a personalized plan on how to achieve your financial goals.

Nicole Bradshaw

We came to Jennifer to create a workable financial plan to help us achieve some of our long term financial goals and she delivered.

Ian and Kelly Richardson

I had numerous money blocks. I liked how Jennifer was able to help me shift my mindset and help me create a financial plan to achieve my financial goals.

Patricia Clarke

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