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Jennifer Thompson speaks on a wide range of topics such as, “Women and Money,”
“Taking that Leap of Faith,” “What Courage Looks Like” and “Radical Change is Possible.”

In the Summer of 2017, I blurted out to my partner, “A year from now, my entire life is going to change.”

To some people, a year seems like a short time to expect a substantial change in one’s life. I disagree. Ask, someone who’s been told by their doctor, they have less than six months to live.

When I decided I wanted to change my life, it was not because I was unhappy with my life at all. I had a lot going for me, but I knew in my heart there was something more. This “something” kept gnawing at me. I was no longer excited about work, my kids had left the nest, I was tired of the cold, gray rainy weather of the Pacific Northwest. Having spent most of my life “making the best of what I have” what I had no longer lit me up.

If I was going to make a change in life, why not change everything?

I knew it was not a midlife crisis. I knew it was a gnawing I had felt ever since attending a writing retreat in Paris a few years prior.

To quote 13th-century Persian poet, “Let yourself be drawn by the stronger pull of that which you truly love.”

I did not want to leave the life I had out of a sense of discontent. Rather I wanted to be drawn into a new life I really desired. Whether it is your intention or not, life gives you more of what you think about. Unfortunately, most of us dwell on what we don’t want, and we end up manifesting more of what we don’t want.

I was truly looking for what would fulfill me.

I had spent much of my adulthood looking at life through the lens of my children’s eyes, I had to discover what made me happy apart from everyone else. I realized my values had changed: the need for safety and security were now replaced by the pull for freedom and adventure.

As a financial advisor, I had spent over twenty years helping people achieve their dreams. I had spent a long career identifying what lit each and every client and providing them with the tools to achieve these goals. I was still passionate about that aspect of my career but not within the confines of the financial industry that, in many ways, operated outside of my values. I no longer wanted to live a compromised life – whether it be at work, in my relationships or where I lived!

When you are not living in alignment, it’s something you feel, and it seeps out in other aspects of your life. When you narrow these disconnects, everyday takes on greater meaning and purpose.

Paulo Coelho said, “When you want something all the universe conspires in helping you achieve it.”

In less than a year since articulating that thought to my partner, the stars aligned, and I was sitting on a beach in the Mediterranean, fully alive helping women all over the world manifest the life of their dreams!

Your life could change in a split second. What would you choose to do over the course of a year if you knew you could not fail?

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