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If money was not an issue in your life, what would you truly desire?


Re-Script Your Money Story in 6 Weeks


Cultivate a consciousness for wealth, increase your financial literacy and create a financial plan aligned with your values and your goals.

Limiting beliefs about money will keep you in a place of lack for years.

And how can you build the confidence to make financial decisions you can live with?

Does your financial advisor have your best interest?

Where do you start?

Because, if you’ll allow me to be a bit frank with you …

Limiting beliefs will have you stuck for years believing you’re not capable of more.

That you’ve met your potential when deep inside you know there’s more to life than what you’ve seen and done.

And nothing will happen until you make a choice and act on that choice for change.

That’s why…

Discover Your Financial Blueprint

Tired of always being worried about money, whether you have enough or not? Longing for an expansive life? And financial freedom?

Create a Vision for Your Financial Future

Create a plan to achieve your financial goals.  Manage your money in alignment with what you value.

Build your financial literacy

401K? IRA? RRSPs? TFSAs? Credit restructuring?

Investing? Retirement Planning?

Your Financial Well-Being …

goes beyond merely saving money. it starts with your mindset.

People with wealth have more positive scripts around money.

It doesn’t just stop there. You need to equip yourself with knowledge of how the financial system works.

And create a plan that works for you!

Limiting beliefs will have you stuck for years believing you’re not capable of more.

As you hit midlife, you know that there are things you would have liked to change, goals you’ve yet to meet, ideas you’ve always wanted to act on.

And it’s not easy pivoting when you feel stuck, ncertain, and unsure of your next steps.

But for those of you with a compelling picture ahead of you and the right strategies to shape the next phase of your life, your true potential is just 12 weeks away.

It’s a chance to …

By the End of this program,
you will have:

Discovered your financial blueprint which has influenced your current relationship with money.
Developed a greater consciousness for wealth by first uncovering your current money beliefs.
Replaced your limiting beliefs about money with beliefs that are more aligned with your goals. 
Substantially increase your financial literacy. Developing a greater understanding of how the financial system works.
Learned the basics of investing.
Identified your top three financial goals.
Learned how to put your financial house in order
Learned how to manage your money in alignment with your values.

Learned about various sources of passive income.

Developed confidence to make financial decisions you can live with.
A written financial plan to achieve your top financial goals.
Gained clarity about your financial legacy.

A successful financial life needs to start with a vision, clarity, and strategy.

And that’s where Re-Design for a More Compelling Midlife comes in.

And above all else, you will have the confidence to fully step into and own this new phase of your life.

So what are you waiting for?

You could be surrounded by a group of motivated peers that will cheer and support you throughout your 10-week journey of financial transformation.

So, are you ready to invest in yourself?

Choose the Program That’s Right For You

And see what your midlife could look like 3 weeks or 12 weeks from now

10-Week Money Mastery

Planning to purchase your first home or planning for retirement? Living from paycheck to paycheck or building a nest egg, money affects most areas of our lives. Yet we often don’t feel confident about our finances or making financial decisions on our own.

This 10-week interactive course is designed to help you nurture a positive mindset around money, increase your financial literacy and create a plan to achieve your financial goals. 

3-Week Intensive Money Makeover

Regardless of what stage in life you’re at, or whether you’re living from paycheck to paycheck or have a few million dollars in your account, increase your understanding of how money works and build your confidence in making sound financial decisions.  

This course is an intensive interactive workshop to help you transform your relationship with money to help you make better financial decisions.

Jennifer believes that my success is her job, and she gets results. She guides her clients through self-discovery, striking a balance between good financial sense and what makes them happy.

J Adams

Jennifer helps you hone in on what you value. She creates a plan that aligns with what truly matters to
you. Her process for replacing limiting beliefs works.

Sandra Jackson

Step into Your Next Phase of Life with Confidence

Your next 365 days could be your best year yet.

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