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Life & Career Coaching

“Life gives you whatever you have the courage to ask for.” – Oprah Winfrey.

What stops us from asking for the very best? Let me help you with the strategies to manifest a more fulfilling life.

Build a Business Around Your Passions & Expertise

With the global reach of the internet, now, more than ever is the time to leverage your passions and expertise.

Let me help you monetize your message.

Helping You Achieve Success

Unlock Your Full Potential. Say Hello to THE NEW YOU

If you’ll allow me to be a bit frank with you …

Limiting beliefs will have you stuck for years believing you’re not capable of more. That you’ve met your potential when deep inside you know there’s more to life than what you’ve seen and done. And nothing will happen until you make a choice and act on that choice for change.

That’s why…

Building a compelling and fulfilling life needs to start with a vision, clarity, and strategy.

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Goal Setting

Get Unstuck! Helping you get from where you’re at to where you want to be.

Money Coaching

Over twenty years’ of experience helping people achieve their financial goals.

Business Coaching

Helping you build a business around your expertise & passions.

Re-Designing Midlife

Design a compelling midlife!



Why Life Coaching?

Are you ready to level up the next stage of your life and find what’s truly fulfilling and a joy to your heart?

Have the confidence to fully step into and own this new phase of your life.



Get rid of what’s holding you back.
Developed an understanding of how to identify and remove anything that stops you from feeling fulfillment, freedom, and joy.
Have clarity, vision, and strategy.
Get a guided action plan to make lasting changes in various aspects of your life,
Get accountability and support.
I’ll be right there guiding you and keeping you accountable to your goals.


Put your financial house in order
Learn how to put your financial house in order, know your sources of retirement income, and start planning for your financial future.
Choose Your Adventure
Explore new ideas like starting a business, traveling full-time, or living abroad and start to take steps to make those dreams a reality.

About Me

I worked in finance for over twenty years. About five years ago, I felt compelled to listen to my calling and align with my passions – to help women reach their full potential and manifest life on their own terms.

A citizen of the world with an untethered soul,  I am a firm believer that life is meant to be lived fully – smelt, tasted, touched, felt, and seen.

To contact me  jenniferthompson@compelling365.com


Jennifer was amazing to work with! She was professional, patient,  (soooo important for those of us who don’t have a clue!) compassionate, (yes, you may need this, too as creating a website is creating an extension of yourself!) responsive, AND affordable! I will continue to work with Jennifer as long as she will have me! She created exactly what I wanted, with grace, balance, and just the right amount of encouragement and support!
Nancy Lynch, Founder,

Jennifer believes that my success is her job, and she gets results. She guides her clients through self-discovery, striking a balance between good financial sense and what makes them happy.

J Adams

Jennifer listens and makes herself available to help you navigate your current circumstances and manifest a life aligned to your desires.

Jenny Wong

Find Your Balance. Set Your Goals. Take A Challenge. Reward Yourself.

Building a compelling and fulfilling life needs to start with a vision, clarity, and strategy.

With a clear picture ahead of you and the right strategies to shape the next phase of your life, your true potential is just 12 weeks away.  

Let me help you manifest a life aligned with what truly matters to you.



Online Coaching Resources

Re-Designing Midlife

Re-Designing Mid-life.

12-week Progam.

Fully step into and own this new phase of your life.  Find what’s truly fulfilling and a joy to your heart.

Leave what no longer serves you. Embrace what aligns with your purpose and true potential. Create a vision, learn the right strategies to shape for a compelling mid-life.

3-week program.

Not yet ready for the full 12-week program? Dip your toes into the sea of transformation and start with our 3-week program to gain clarity and purpose. Focus on one key aspect of your life.

Jennifer Thompson

Money & Desire

10-week Money Mastery 

If money was not an issue in your life, what would you truly desire?

Most of us were raised in homes where the subject of money and the subject of desire were taboo or rarely spoken openly about. And if they were mentioned it would have been, “we can’t afford that.”

Combining esoteric ideas of wealth creation and sound financial planning principles, this program will help you uncover your Money Blueprint and create consciousness for wealth. Master money in alignment with your values and goals for your life.

Build Your Business Around Your Expertise

Building A Business Around Your Passions & Expertise

Have a passion or an area of expertise you would like to share with the world? Let me help you build a business to monetize your message.

From Idea 2 Launch. Clarifying a concept, branding, website design to creating sources of passive income.

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start Forging Your Own Path Today!

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