Taking flight towards your dreams can only be done by releasing the sandbags from the past.

By Jennifer Thompson


April 4, 2021

Taking Flight


Traveling is in my blood. I love taking flights to new destinations. It was only a few years ago when I took flight towards my lifelong dream! And I’ve never looked back.

I always wanted the freedom to work where I wanted when I wanted and with whom I wanted. Working as a financial advisor did not give me the freedom to do that. 

A Question of values


What I valued also started to change. There were elements of my role as a financial advisor that was starting to gnaw at me. I found joy in helping clients achieve their goals but the constant push for sales got to me. And it was the push to sell what clients did not need that left me with a bitter taste at the end of the day.

My children were now grown so safety and security were no longer most important. But a greater need for adventure, self-expression, and freedom was pulling me towards a new direction. 

I also discovered a passion for writing!


A lot of the memes were of millennials traveling and working abroad. Not enough about established people launching on the second wave in their lives. I set out an intention and give myself a time-line – a year, and I would leave what I was doing and embarking on a new path.


I envisioned the outcome of what I wanted – warmth – after living in Canada for 30 years, I was done with the cold. And I wanted to live in a community surrounded by warm people. 

Before I could do this, I needed to let go of my fears. Fearful of things not working out. It was hard when naysayers surround you. But I knew that there has to be room for miracles accompanied by action for me to embark on a more inspired life.

Here’s the thing, you can’t envision the life of your dreams and sit there. Allow yourself to act from a place of inspiration. Action that supports your goals. 

Change the script


And another thing, to take flight towards your dreams, you need to release ‘sandbags” of the past.

By that, I mean the subconscious programming from past experiences. These are the beliefs that plague you with self-doubt, a sense of unworthiness, and shame. 

You can’t create a new life with an old script. You release the past, not by ignoring it. But by changing your narrative about the past and ultimately changing your relationship with it.

So, where to next?

What to publish a book? Complete that university degree? Leave that dead-end job? Get out of an abusive relationship? Get out of debt? Start a business? What’s truly stopping you?

While I was creating a new vision for my life, I was inspired by the works of Vishen Lakhiani and Dr. Joe Dispenza.

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Jennifer Thompson is a digital nomad helping people achieve a more expansive version of their lives.  For some, it could mean re-designing aspects of their lives that support their vision, for others it could mean building a business around their passions and expertise. And for some, it could also mean aligning their finances to what matters most in their lives.



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