Thinking of Working & Living in Paradise? What To Consider

By Jennifer Thompson


August 10, 2022

Thinking of Working & Living in Paradise? Paradise conjures up different images for different people. For some, it means the countryside in Georgia; for others, it would be the small city of Valencia, Italy. Bali and Thailand continue to rate highly amongst digital nomads.

If you want to work and live abroad, you’re probably thinking of a place you’d consider paradise. But your dream destination may be an excellent destination for a vacation but may not necessarily be the best place to work.

What annoys you? Inefficiency? Noise? What would you like never to have to deal with again? Crowds, traffic jams, or snow? Write it all down on your piece of paper. So, if you’re thinking of working & living in Paradise, here’s what you need to consider.

1. Reliable internet services

Most work entails some internet usage. Digital nomads running online businesses require fast, reliable internet service.

No matter how beautiful a place is, don’t move there if it doesn’t have a great internet connection. Instead, consider visiting it, but don’t live there.

2. Residency requirements

Are you planning to live there full-time or for part of the year? If you are considering a long-term move, you must know the rules for establishing legal residency. More and more countries are providing special visas specifically for digital nomads.

3. Your free time

How would you spend your free time? Do you like the outdoors- sailing, hiking, or sailing? Or are you more interested in the arts? Gallery openings, live theatre, fine dining, or salsa dancing.

4. Would you be traveling?

Are you planning to do a lot of traveling while abroad? If that is the case, you will want to be within easy commuting distance to an international airport. Flying in and out of a remote Island can be challenging. Consider easy access to transportation when deciding where to live.

5. Infrastructure

How important is it for you to access reliable infrastructures such as roads, public transportation, the internet, banks, and cable TV? On days when there is flooding,

6. The weather

Sunshine and sandy beaches do not appeal to everyone. Some skin types react to heat. What would you prefer? Sunny all year round or a place with all four seasons? What about humidity?

7. Health care

Access to good and affordable health care is possibly one of the important yet often overlooked considerations by digital nomads, especially if they are young. No one thinks a medical emergency will ever happen to them, but it can.

Do you have an existing health condition that may require medical attention? In that case, is it essential that you’re within a, say, 20-minute drive of a hospital? Do you have good health insurance coverage?

8. What are your eating habits?

Do you prefer to cook your meals or eat out? What would you miss if you were not able to find it easily? Good coffee?

9. What’s the business climate like?

Suppose you’re thinking of launching something more than an online business. In that case, launching something more than an online business, you may need to research the country’s general business climate, such as local regulations governing the industry and the quality and cost of labour.

10. Exchange Rate Fluctuations

Is there a substantial difference in the exchange rate between where you intend to work and your home country? The cost of living may be low in many places, but can you make a decent amount of money to save for when you return home? Especially if you intend to return to your home country.

But if your online business is thriving and paying you in your home currency, living in a place with a lower cost of living means more value for your money.

11. Community

Would you prefer a place with a significant expatriate population, or are you comfortable building a community with the locals? Maybe the reason for living abroad in the first place is to experience a different culture.

12. Language.

Do you prefer to move to a place where locals speak your language fluently? Or does the idea of learning another language excite you?

13. Costs

If you’re self-employed, living costs would be a concern for you, especially if you’re launching a business and have little savings. But living costs should not be the only consideration. Be aware of what you may have to forgo for a lower cost of living.

What To Consider if You’re Thinking of Working & Living in Paradise? 

Living and working abroad can be exciting. Five years ago, I decided to live, write, and consult abroad part-time. I knew that besides a good internet connection, heat, community, and the beach were my top priorities.

After traveling to various countries, I fell in love with the Mediterranean, particularly Greece. Besides the incredible lifestyle, it allows me to travel through Europe easily.

It gets cooler in winter, so I spend my winters in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. The internet speed is excellent, and most locals speak English, although I enjoy learning Spanish. I love the warmth of the climate and its people.

Where would you like to live and work?

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