By Jennifer Thompson


July 19, 2021

Six Human Needs

According to the transformational speaker and author of “Awaken the Giant Within,Tony Robbins, all human needs fall under one of six categories. They are the need for certainty/security, love/connection, growth, variety, making a contribution, and significance.

If you’re an avid traveler, your need for adventure (variety) may be high on your list.  If it’s important for you to be recognized and appreciated when you make a contribution then it is likely that significance is an important need of yours.

We all have those needs. But where we differ is the importance those needs appear in our lives. While we all want love and connection, it may be a higher priority in my list of needs than it may be for you. Making an impact in this world could be your greatest need, while it may barely feature as a need for another person.

What Needs Are You Trying to Meet?

Our needs change over time. When my children were young, it was “certainty” that I valued. Now that they are adults, I no longer need certainty and security. At this stage in my life, what drives me most is the need to make a difference in this world (the need for contribution).

While having these needs is what makes us human, how we go about meeting those needs may not always be in our best interest. A good example is a mother of two young children who stays in an abusive relationship for economic reasons. She may trade love for the certainty of putting food on the table. It is not uncommon to meet people who work in unsatisfying jobs for the sake of a pension.

Know Thyself

It helps to be clear about what needs are most important to you. If we are driven by a need for love and connection but continue to seek it from people who are emotionally unavailable, we need to ask ourselves if it is indeed love and connection that we need or safety and security. Because at least the emotionally unavailable person is predictable.

What Needs Are You Trying to Meet?

What About Your Finances?

The same applies to how we manage our money. Do we use credit to purchase luxury items so we appear successful to our friends and family? Are we trying to meet our need for significance? That is fine if it does not get us into financial trouble.

Get to know what your needs are. Do they align with the outcomes you hope to achieve in your life? The answer lies not in ignoring your needs but in finding healthy ways to meet them. During the Coronavirus pandemic, business on Amazon skyrocketed from online shoppers bored at home.


Your needs drive your behavior. They are your “why.” Dissatisfaction happens when we ignore our needs. Or, when we try to meet our needs in unhealthy ways. Our needs do not go away. It makes sense to become aware of them and find healthy ways to meet them.

Are you aware of what your top needs are? How are you trying to meet your needs? Do they align with what you value? Do they align with the outcomes you hope to achieve in your life?

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