Who Will You Be In 2022? 12 Strategies To Making It Happen.

By Jennifer Thompson


January 3, 2022

1.Start With The Vision…

Write down everything you’d like to see happen/change in your life. Do not restrict this list to just this year but the rest of your life!

Things you’d like to do, the money you’d like to save, the person you’d like to be, the health you’d like to have, the relationship you long for, the work you desire, places you’d like to visit, the house you’d like to buy, the business you want to launch online.

Write as much as you can.

2. Pick One or Two Things You Want to Achieve in 2022.

From your list, select one of two things you’d like to achieve this year. Now write down the reasons you want to achieve them. Knowing your “why” is a necessary step towards achieving any goal. Keep coming back to it throughout the year — it will keep you focused. Write down as much as you can why your goal is important to you. How will others be affected by this goal?

3. A Quick Look Back To See What Worked.

Looking back at 2021, write all the things that worked for you; the goals you achieved (small and large), the things you did that you were proud of, the changes you made, and lessons you learned. Bask in the feelings that resulted from achieving these goals. Why were you able to achieve these? Also, list the things that did not work. Why not?

4. Be Clear. What Brings You Joy?

What motivates you? We all share many similar values like family, love, respect, success, and security. But where we differ is the degree of importance these values appear in our lives. What are your top 5 core values? It’s what drives you.

If you are not sure what your top 5 core values are, look at #2 — your ‘Why”. Your reasons for wanting to achieve what you desire to achieve will shed light on what it is you value.

It is important to know what you value most and align your life based on your values and not the values of someone else. When you find yourself stuck or losing sight of what matters to you, go back to what you value. What you value is also what brings you joy. Build a life around what brings you joy.

5. What Would It Feel Like?

Now that you are clear about a goal, write down with as much detail as possible, what life would be like if you achieved it! Smell it, taste it, touch it. Feel it as if it is already here, not in the suture but in the present! Want joy, get into the feeling of joy. Want love? Feel what it would be like to be cherished.

6. Who Would You Be? Align Your Identity To Your Goal(s)

Want to lose weight? Be healthy in all areas related to weight loss. Don’t just exercise; become healthy! Want love? Who would you have to be to achieve that goal? Does this identity align with your core values?

If you value financial security and have no savings, then launching your own business may not align with your value for security. It’s more challenging to change a value than changing a goal. If what you value is rooted in a disempowering belief, then question this belief.

Write down all the beliefs you need to have to support your goal. Looking for love, you need to believe that you can attract love. If you desire to attract love, but deep down, you think there are no good people around, then it would be hard to achieve the goal of attracting love.

7. Daily Envision Life As If You’ve Achieved Your Goal.

Give yourself ten to fifteen minutes each day to imagine how life would feel once you’ve achieved this goal. Do this daily, preferably in the mornings just before getting out of bed! Sensory Rich Images. Feel as if you have already achieved that goal! Bring in the people who would be there to share in your success!

8. Create A Step By Step Written Plan.

Do at least one thing as soon as possible to bring you closer to that goal. Schedule into your calendar when you would like to achieve that goal. That’s when you know you’re serious about this goal! You can even create a table with these categories: Goal — Reason-Action Steps-Result. Write down all the action steps you need to take to achieve that goal.

9. Create Daily Micro-Habits To Support Your Goal (s)

Want to run a marathon? Start running each day and build up your stamina. Are you planning on traveling for three months next year? Start saving now. If a new career is what you desire, do some research, get advice from a career coach. Create new habits in support of your goals and the new you.

10. Surround Yourself With The Right People.

You are the average of the five people you spend most of your time with. Be selective on who those people are. If you do not have the proper support at this time, make some new friends.

You may have to say goodbye to some relationships. Are you willing to do that? Letting go of friendships does not mean there is something ‘wrong’ about these people- they may not be the ones to follow you in this next phase of your life.

11. Be Grateful.

Research has shown that gratitude rewires the brain. Start each day thinking of 3 things you can be grateful for and three things you hope to accomplish that day. In this state of gratitude, you are vibrating at a level that will attract what your heart desires. Use your journal to make lists of all things you are grateful for. Throughout the day, reflect on things in your life that are going well.


Celebrate your small wins that lead you closer to your goal. Don’t wait till you have completed a full marathon to celebrate. Celebrate after completing that half marathon. And of course, celebrate when you’ve achieved your goal.

Celebrating small wins is a form of affirmation. We all need heros. Be the hero of your own story! Celebrate her/him.

Bringing It All Together.

A new year brings renewed hope, new plans, and new ideas. You cannot create something new from something old. You may need to start from a new perspective, experience, and a new way of being. Merely wishing for things to change is not going to cause them to change. You must decide and act upon your decision to make that change. Who will you be in 2022?

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