The Year of Manifesting The Life of My Dreams!

By Jennifer Thompson


January 3, 2022

It was June 2017, and I declared to a friend of mine, “In a year, my entire life is going to change!” I was done with life as it was. Not because I was dissatisfied as much as there was a yearning for more. 

Author Paulo Coelho in The Alchemist states, “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” The caveat is to want something. But what was that something?

Have you ever wondered what could change in your life in a year? I thought, “what the heck, why not see if this works?” I had nothing to lose. I was divorced, my children had flown the nest, and it had been a while since I was excited about work.”

The question was, what did I want the universe to help me achieve?

Set A Clear Intention

What did I want from life?

What would it look like to live my ideal life? If I could have what I desired, where would I live? What would I do? And with who? Essentially, if I lived my ideal life, who would I be?

I was not unhappy with life. I just knew there was more. I wanted to help women with their finances but not through the industry. I also knew I wanted to complete a novel.

I knew if I was going to make this work, I had to be very clear about my intentions. I looked at all aspects of my life. I was in great shape. Relationships? What about work? I had about another 15 years more, and I just could not see myself doing what I was doing for another fifteen years. Positively State Your Intention.

Instead of “I hate my job,” be clear about what you would like to do instead. Most people focus on what’s wrong in their lives instead of what they want for their lives.

Being unhappy about my job was not a good intention. You get in life what you focus on. So, focus on what you want and not what you don’t want.

Know The ‘Why’

Your intention should come from your higher self — aligned with what you value most in life. I focused on my top five values. I knew I wanted to work in something fulfilling that utilized my passions and strengths. I learned to envision my ideal life; I needed to know what was pulling me and why it was pulling me.

Become Attuned to What Brings You Joy

I enjoyed interacting with my clients and seeing their dreams fulfilled — early retirement, career change, and children graduating. I had also recently discovered a passion for writing. I knew it was more than a hobby. I would write for an hour before work started and would write during lunch and after the markets closed. I could not seem to stop writing. I also knew that I wanted to be close to the ocean, and I valued warmth and intimacy in climate and culture.

My annual trips to various parts of the Mediterranean were leaving me with the most delightful aftertaste. What if I could live there for part of the year? My other favorite place on this planet was California. I knew that if I was going to believe I could envision a life that resonated with what I valued, I may as well not place any limits.

Regularly Envision That Ideal Life! 

Once I had clarity about what I valued most, I began envisioning my perfect day. It rained for half the year where I lived, and I believed that if I was going to make a change, why not move? I wanted to be in a satisfying relationship. And most of all, I envisioned meaningful work!

Our subconscious minds run us. It explains why we spend half our day on autopilot, just “going through the motions.” To manifest a different life, I needed to become conscious of my subconscious mind. Whenever we introduce a new way of thinking or doing things, our brains experience some level of discomfort — resisting the ‘new’- the new life we are trying to create, the new way of being, or the new habit.

The envisioning process had to be part of my daily meditation process. There was no forcing the images; they just flowed out of me. Ideas, emotions, and visions flow when you connect to your innermost being.

Begin & End With Gratitude.

When envisioning the life you desire, physiology is essential! Get your body into a heightened emotional state and fill that vision with rich sensory images.

Want to get into a heightened emotional state — one of joy? Start with gratitude. I started each day dwelling on three things to be grateful for! The clients I had, my income, my family, friends, and health.

These things made me feel abundant, and it’s when you feel good that your visions are most effective.

I would then fill my vision with rich sensory images. I pictured sitting, sun-drenched, by the ocean in Greece, biking in Sorento, having a seafood dinner in Portugal. I would awake from my dreams, thinking I was there.

Start with gratitude and end with gratitude. End your visions with gratitude — be grateful as if the thing you desire is already here.

Writing It Down Re-wires Your Brain.

Research states that the actual process of handwriting engages your thinking brain. It calms your parasympathetic nervous system to harnesses neuroplasticity to rewire your brain. 

The Reticular Activating System

If I told you to bite into a lemon, you would instantly make a face as if you were biting into a slice of lemon. If you were thinking of buying a black sports car, it’s amazing how you start noticing black sports cars more than ever before. That’s what the reticular activating system does.

Once I clearly stated my intentions, countless ideas and opportunities kept popping up in my life. My subconscious mind went into overdrive to bring these opportunities into my existence.

Through a series of coincidences, I was able to sell my business at home, and within days of that happening, I was on board a plane to Greece. Another stroke of ‘luck’ was stumbling upon a writing retreat on the very Island I had landed. In a million years, I would never have guessed I would also get the help needed to complete my novel.

My younger daughter received a full scholarship to do a double master’s in Europe, and my older daughter moved to California. The only real family I had.


We are programmed to believe that it is better to give than receive. This was the most challenging aspect for me. As the universe brought things to me, I questioned the motives behind these gifts!

Raised with the idea that nothing comes with strings attached, I learned to ‘let go’ and believe. And that the universe not only had my back but was conspiring to deliver the life that aligned with what I valued.

I knew I had to be the ‘part’ before I could get the ‘part.’ I had to be living as if I already had it. It takes faith.

I lived as I wanted — in the Mediterranean for part of the year and the other part in California. I am doing what brings me joy. 

It’s now exactly five years since I manifested the life I wanted. I have not regretted one single moment of it. The question is, who would you be if you could create the life you truly wanted?

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